Computer Management, Consulting Services, and Network Operations

We specialize in Network and Data Provisioning in the Okanagan Valley: Penticton, Kelowna, and Vernon

Alkaloid Networks was formed in 2001 to enhance collaboration among like-minded technology professionals. Specializing in telephony, technology integration, and office virtualization, Alkaloid Networks supports innovation through Open Source Technology.

Our infrastructure has now matured into a full scale hosting environment with points of presence on each side of North America. During the last year we have been actively rolling out our production environments. After much work on both the Atlanta and Kelowna sites we are ready to put on the final stamp of approval. The service offerings have been solidified and the target markets chosen. Alkaloid Networks can now provide a customized, fully integrated, and interactive solution for your business and its requirements. We look forward to working with your staff to make the technology burden in your life disappear.

We come to market after years of developing our solutions with real small business partners. Together with these founding businesses we have been able to build a diverse and stable hosting portfolio that will satisfy even the most eclectic pallets.